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Story 4 : Flowery Diary

Updated: May 21, 2020

I don't often visit my dad's office but when I do I click a lot of pictures. The office is surrounded by a lot of trees and has a lot of beautiful gardens, flowers and it's just a beautiful place to visit. The office is pretty huge, I usually relate it with the movie Jurassic Park because it's that huge and is covered with trees. #flowers #gardens

I was roaming in the garden and then I saw this beautiful tree with lots of flowers. It was mesmerising, I stood there for a while looking at every inch of detail that nature has to offer us. I think most of us don't really appreciate what our nature has to offer us. I see things in a very different way, I try to find details in each and everything. #nature #beauty

I even thought that this tree was dancing, by the way, it's shaped, you won't see a lot of trees of this shape. I am not a morning person but I am glad I went to my dad's office that morning.

This was my little story, see you next time!



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