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Story 3 : One The Run

Updated: May 21, 2020

Here's another interesting story, this picture was clicked on the run!

Yes, you read it correctly. I would not tell where this incidence took place but few people might know this or they might recognise this place.

Me and one of my friends decided to go on a city tour. We both were new to this place, " let's go for a tram ride" said my friend. So, we went to the tram station via metro. Okay so here's the interesting part. Unlike metro stations, tram station was very different. Obviously, we didn't know how to board the tram. There was no security check, no token machines, nothing! we were just standing on the platform. Tram came, doors opened and we boarded the tram, simple! #citytour #tour #tram

We were enjoying our first tram ride, it was fun. Then my friend pointed towards a signboard it said "$100 fine if boarded without swiping" and next to that signboard there were 4 police officers standing. We decided to get off the tram at the next station. But we didn't know the police officers decided the same! or they were actually following us? #tramride

We got off as well as the officers. Now to get out from the tram station we need to swipe our metro cards, but if we did that, it means our ride actually starts from there because we didn't actually swipe our cards at the initial station. But we got lucky! the doors were not connected to the card swiping machine. We actually pretended to swipe our cards and exited. #adventure #thrill #adernnaline

Now comes the part when I clicked this picture. We came out of the station and I saw this amazing sunset! It was so mesmerising! I see this picture as a message and that is, no matter how bad your day goes, it can still end beautifully!

5 minutes before me and my friend were literally panicking, it wasn't a "good" city tour but a "panic tour"! But experiences like these help us grow and create memories. :D #sunet #memories

This was my little story, see you next time!



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