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Story 10 : Story of the stars

Updated: May 21, 2020

As this is my 10th blog post I want it to be a bit different. This is the story when I got these stars on my hand. Yes, it's a permanent tattoo. I always loved tattoos! There was this TV show back in the day called Miami Ink, I used to love it. Since then I wanted to have tattoos.

I was in college, freshman year when I got my first tattoo the one below stars. The first experience was pretty good! everyone told me that it's going to hurt but I didn't feel much :D

So, now let's come to the second tattoo, me and one of my college friend very randomly decided that we'll go to a tattoo parlour and we'll get the same tattoos. Next day we both arrived at a tattoo shop, very excited. I went first as I had prior experience.

I was done with my tattoos (3 stars). Now, here's when the story gets interesting. It was the first time for my friend obviously he was nervous, all the adrenaline rush was making him go nuts :D

The tattoo artist began to draw, my friend was doing just fine. I think it was the middle star that was the most painful as it's over a bone. I remember my friend telling me that it hurts real bad and I was like "yeah I know right" :D

And then all of a sudden he fainted! Yes, he fainted. I would say getting a permanent tattoo isn't that painful. I mean yes, everyone has their tolerance to pain.

Anyways, it was fun though.

This was my little story, see you next time.



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